Naaz: ‘Ik was vroeger zo’n angstig persoon, mijn vrienden hebben me daarvan genezen’


Even geleden introduceerde ik nieuw talent Naaz. Haar wondermooie nummer Words heeft nu ook een videoclip. Tijd om met haar te praten! We mailden met Naaz in het Engels. Om haar eigenheid te behouden, hebben we het interview niet vertaald. 

Hi Naaz!

Congrats on 1,5 million streams on Spotify! How does that feel?
Thank you so much!! It feels absolutely amazing. Before the release I told myself I would already be grateful if at least one person would hear it, I would’ve never guessed that things would go down like this… feeling so blessed 🙂

The lyrics of your song ‘Words’ are very lovely and wise. I read that you love listening to other people talk, just to learn about their perspective on life. What’s so interesting about that to you?
Aw thanks 🙂 The way people talk about things shows how everyone experiences things so differently. Two people can go through the same thing, yet have completely different thoughts and feelings about it afterwards. I find that very interesting, because it kind of indicates how every little thing you see/hear/feel throughout your life ends up affecting your responses to different situations. It proves how everyone is so unique, and that’s just wonderful. We can always learn something from each other. Nobody knows everything but we all know something no one else knows.

You posted on facebook that you wrote ‘Words’ in your bedroom. This week you’ll be on stage in Amsterdam performing at Paradiso. Did you dare to dream this would happen when you were recording the song?
Making that song was such a natural experience.  It all kind of just happened. Nothing but the music was on my mind at that moment, I was totally in my zone. It was almost like I was just a spectator of the whole process. I never really thought about the fact that I’d eventually have to get out of my bedroom if I’m honest, but during the first rehearsal of the show it hit me that the song was really coming to life in public. It was so exciting, I can’t wait to start performing. I’m almost sure that it will become one of my most favourite things to do. I’m always dancing in front of my mirror in my room, blasting music through my headphones, can’t wait to bring that feeling to the stage.

In the video for ‘Words’ we see a group of people. I can imagine they each have a very interesting story. Who are they?
I don’t know the beautiful people in the video personally, but I felt by their aura that they’re all very special and expressive people. I did write the song about my best friends though, I love them so much, they’ve expanded my horizons to an extend that I could’ve never done by myself. I used to be such a fearful person, they healed me from that and made me see life through a different lens, by sharing their words every day and night when I needed them.

You have an EP coming up. What can we expect?
Songs written by feelings. Bits of myself in the form of sounds and melodies. Words written for people and memories that I love.

Thanks Naaz, we’re in love with your Words! 😉
Thank you for sharing your words with me <3

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